The following documents the changes contained in the third update to the 2000 edition of MARC 21 Format for Holdings Data.  Update No. 3 (October 2002) includes changes resulting from proposals which were considered by the ALA ALCTS/LITA/RUSA Machine-Readable Bibliographic Information Committee (MARBI) at its meetings in 2002 and by the Canadian Committee on MARC (CCM) at its meetings in 2002.

New content designators:


563  Binding Information

Subfield codes

$n  Pattern note in 853-855 (Captions and Pattern)

$p  Number of pieces per issuance in 853-855 (Captions and Pattern)


007 - Sound recordings - character position 10 (Kind of material):  codes b (Cellulose nitrate), c (Acetate tape with ferrous oxide), g (Glass with lacquer), i (Aluminum with lacquer), r (Paper with lacquer or ferrous oxide), and z (Other)

008 - character position 07 (Method of acquisition):  codes c (Cooperative or consortial purchase), m (Membership), and n (Non-library purchase)

008 - character position 20 (Lending policy):  codes c (Will lend hard copy only) and l (Limited lending policy)

Fields 853-855 - subfield $y (Regularity pattern):  code c (Combined) under Publication Code, code e (Enumeration) under Enumeration Code, and code y (Year) under Chronology Code

Obsolete content designator:


007 - Sound recordings - character position 10 (Kind of material):  code n (Not applicable)

Changes in content designator names:


007  Computer file Electronic resource

008/08-11  Intent to cancel date Expected acquisition end date


007/10 (Sound recording) code a:  Lacquered coating

007/10 (Sound recording) code m:  Metal and plastic Plastic with metal

007/11 (Electronic resource) code c:  File reproduced from an computer file electronic resource

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Appendix F:  Format Change Lists