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LC practice:  For microform reproductions of previously published materials and for microform dissertations, Library of Congress policy is noted below.

1.   Transcribe the bibliographic data appropriate to the original work being reproduced in the following areas:

2.   Give in the title and statement of responsibility area the general material designation "[microform]" (cf. LCRI 1.1C).

3.   Give in a single note ( 533 field ) all other details relating to the reproduction and its publication/availability.  Include in the note the following bibliographic data in the order listed:

LC often reproduces more than one work on the same microform.  For clarity, indicate this condition in the $e subfield of the 533 field in terms of the particular microform carrier.

on 1 microfilm reel with other items

on 1 microfilm reel with another item

Apply rules 1.4-1.6 for the formulation of the bibliographic data in the note.  Enclose cataloger-supplied data in brackets.  Omit the area divider (space-dash-space).

4.   Consider the "agency responsible for the reproduction" to be the agency that selected the material to be filmed, arranged for filming, exercised control over production formats, has overall responsibility for quality, etc.  If the agency is unknown, give "[s.n.]."  Transcribe also the name of the agency from which to secure copies or the agency that made the microform if the agency is named in one of the prescribed sources for the publication, distribution, etc., area (11.0B2).

245 00 $a Oslo 1947 $h [microform] : $b Fragen zur Vorbereitung einer Welttagung christlicher Jugend.

260 ## $a Stuttgart : $b Im Quellverlag der Evangelischen Gesellschaft, $c 1947.

300 ## $a 64 p. ; $c 21 cm.

533 ## $a Microfilm. $b Washington, D.C. : $c Library of Congress Preservation Microfilming Program : $c Available from Library of Congress Photoduplication Service, $d 1992. $e 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm.

Note:  Items that are microreproductions of materials prepared or assembled specifically for bringing out an original edition in microform are cataloged according to chapter 11 of AACR2.

11.1.  Title and Statement of Responsibility Area

11.2.  Edition Area

11.4.  Publication, Distribution, Etc., Area

11.5.  Physical Description Area

11.7.  Note Area

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