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Serials:  In Numbered Series

Record the number of the series in the series statement in the three situations listed below.  PCC practice:  Include the number in the series added entry for the first and second situations; see the specific instruction for the third situation.  Examples illustrate PCC practice.

1.   a single issue of a serial is in a series;

490 1# $3 v. 1: $a Contributions in seismology ; $v no. 13

830 #0 $a Contributions in seismology ; $v no. 13.

2.   a known span of issues of a serial is in a span of consecutive numbers of a series;

490 1# $3 v. 1-4: $a Smithsonian miscellaneous collections ; $v v. 19-22

830 #0 $a Smithsonian miscellaneous collections ; $v v. 19-22.

3.   all issues of the serial in the series carry the same number of the series.  If part of the series number is the same on all issues of the serial, record only that part.  PCC practice:  Include that part in the added entry for the series.

490 1# $3 1970-1982: $a KBL bulletin ; $v 101-2

830 #0 $a KBL bulletin ;$v 101-2.

490 1# $a DHEW publication ; $v no. (NCES)

830 #0 $a DHEW publication ; $v no. (NCES)

Serial Record for Subseries in Numbered Main Series:

When a serial bibliographic record is created for a subseries in a numbered main series, also give the main series in the series area.

245 00 $a Research papers in psychology. $p Behavior modification studies

490 1# $a Research papers in psychology



LC/PCC practice:  See LCRI 1.6J. More Than One Series Statement.

See also:

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