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In determining what statements to record in a statement of responsibility, bear in mind that the objective is to record only those statements that are of bibliographic significance:  significant from the point of view of the intellectual and artistic content of an item.  (In many cases such names are also likely candidates to be searched under in a catalog when looking for the particular item with which they are associated.)

Guidelines for Recording Statements of Responsibility:

To achieve the objective stated above, observe the following guidelines:

1.   Include in statements of responsibility the names of those whose contributions are judged to be of bibliographic significance if such names appear prominently.  Judge bibliographic significance as follows:

a.   Editors.  Bibliographic significance in this context encompasses that portion of the definition of the term "editor" in the glossary stating that the editorial labor includes "... revision (restitution) or elucidation of the text, and the addition of an introduction, notes, and other critical matter."

Human walking / Verne T. Inman, Henry J. Ralston, Frank Todd ; edited with a preface by Jean C. Liberman

Cross-country skiing : racing techniques and training tips / by Sigi Maier and Toni Reiter ; translated by Mark Goldman ; edited by Don A. Metivier

Excluded from this category and, therefore, not candidates for transcription are credits for "in-house" editors, editorial supervisors, publications editors, managing editors, photo-editors, sponsoring editors, and the like.

b.   Others.  Bibliographic significance in this context equates to the definition of statement of responsibility in the glossary, namely "... persons responsible for the intellectual or artistic content of the item ... or performance of the content of the item."  Excluded from this category and, therefore, not candidates for transcription are statements of technical credits, often performed by in-house staff members of publishing firms, such as:

book design



graphic designer

cover and page design

layout designer

cover artist

page make-up

cover designer

production manager

cover photographer


Note that statements of technical credits are often elsewhere than the chief source in a manner similar to the following:

"The editors for this book were Jeremy Robinson, Robert L. Davidson, and Susan Thomas, the designer as Mark E. Safron, and the production supervisor was Paul A. Malchow."

2.   If there is doubt whether a statement is of bibliographic significance, proceed as follows:

a.   If the statement is in the chief source, transcribe it.

b.   If the statement is not in the chief source, do not transcribe it.

title page:  The complete Van Gogh : paintings, drawings, sketches / Jan Hulsker

verso of title page:  Editor: Phyllis Freeman

c.   Do not routinely transcribe the names of in-house editors listed on CIP data sheets.  Instead, apply 2.a. and 2.b. above; if for any reason this is not applicable, do not transcribe the name.

Added Entries:

After transcribing statements of responsibility, taking into account the above guideline, apply the rules for making added entries.


If the recording of multiple corporate bodies with their hierarchies in a statement of responsibility leads to confusing results, add "and" (or its equivalent in foreign languages) in brackets to separate the names.

... / prepared by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service [and] Soil Conservation Service [and] U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Region 2

not       ... / prepared by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Soil Conservation Service, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Region 2


See LCRI 1.1E.  Other title information.


If an added entry is required for a corporate body and the only prominently named source for the body's name on the item is its appearance in conjunction with a personal name being recorded in a statement of responsibility, apply one of the following methods:

1.   Enclose within parentheses the corporate name following the personal name(s) (e.g., "prepared by Morton J. Schussheim, Joshua M. Kay, Richard L. Wellons (Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress)").

2.   Give the corporate name in a quoted note (e.g., "Building Economics and Regulatory Technology Division, Center for Building Technology, National Engineering Laboratory, National Bureau of Standards.").


Option Decision:

LC practice:  Do not apply the optional provision of the rule.


When illustration statements such as "117 photogravure plates, 26 colour plates," "with 115 illustrations," "illustrated with 10 woodcuts," etc., appear in the chief source, omit them unless:

1.   an artist or illustrator is named in the phrase, or

2.   the phrase is inseparable form the title proper or other title information.

See also:

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