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Government Printers:

When a government printer or government printing office is named on the item and there is no evidence that its function is not that of a publisher or distributor, record it as the publisher.  If, however, another body also appears on the item and the government printing office is named only in a less prominent position unaccompanied by a statement of printing or distribution, the likelihood is greater that it functions only as printer and that the body is the publisher.

Privately Printed Works:

For cataloging purposes, treat privately printed works as published works even if they have been distributed only to a very limited group (e.g., a keepsake for dinner guests or a Christmas greeting for friends).  Treat the person or body issuing the item, whether a commercial publisher, a private press, or a person or group for whom it may have been printed, as the publisher.  If it is stated in the item that it has been privately printed, this fact may be expressed in a note, usually quoted.  (Note:  Private presses should be considered publishers of the items they print if there is no evidence to the contrary in the item or in reference sources consulted.)


Option Decision:

LC practice:  Do no apply the optional provision of the rule.


1.   Form of name.  Shorten the name or not, whichever is more efficient and effective in the particular case -- according to judgment.  Do not, however, attempt to judge how well the name is known internationally.

2.   Retention of hierarchy.  When the name of a non-commercial publisher is part of a hierarchy, generally do not omit parts of the hierarchy.  In the case of commercial publications, omit unnecessary elements of the hierarchy or not -- according to judgment.

source:  National Archives & Records Service // General Services Administration

transcription:  260 ## $a National Archives & Records Service, General Services Administration

source:  Lexington Books // D.C. Heath

transcription:  260 ## $a Lexington Books, D.C. Heath

or                        260 ## $a Lexington Books

3.   Retention of terms of incorporation, etc.  If "Inc.," "Ltd.," etc., appear after a serial title being recorded as a publisher, distributor, etc., retain it.  Also, when these elements follow other names, retain them or not -- according to judgment.

4.   Omission of personal names.  When a personal name appears in a statement of publishing because of legal requirements of the country (e.g., India), omit this personal name.

source:  Printed and Published by S.D. Puranik for the National Institute of Bank Management

transcription:  260 ## $a National Institute of Bank Management


Consider the following as another example in 1.4D3a.):

but    Published for the Social Science Research Council by Heinemann

not    For the Social Science Research Council by Heinemann


Choice of Publishers:

LC practice:  CIP Cataloging

For the cataloging of CIPs at the galley stage, record only one place and publisher.  Take this information from that supplied by the publisher on the CIP data sheet.  Do not record the name of a distributor, unless there is no publisher named.  (Optionally, a cataloger may make any adjustment judged appropriate to reflect more nearly the imprint data provided in the galley.)  At the CIP verification stage, adjust this information, if necessary, according to normal procedures for non-CIP and post-CIP cataloging.

LC practice:  Non-CIP and Post-CIP Cataloging

Record the names of all publishers appearing on the chief source of information of the edition being cataloged (or the names appearing on the single source used for the publisher statement when the publisher is not named on the chief source).  Record also the name of a U.S. publisher appearing anywhere on the item when a non-U.S. publisher appears on the chief source.

t.p.:  Clarendon Press Oxford

t.p. verso:  Published in the United States by Oxford University Press, New York

transcription:  260  ##  $a Oxford : $b Clarendon Press ; $a New York : $b Oxford University Press

If the chief source has on it a "general" imprint name that is shared by associated companies or by parent and branch companies and the specific firm names appear in a secondary position, generally assume that the first of these names represents the publisher of the item and combine the firm’s name with the "general" imprint name.  If this place is not in the U.S. and a U.S. place is coupled with one of the other firm names, add this place to the "general" imprint name also.

t.p.:  Pitman Publishing

t.p. verso:

Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons Ltd.

Pitman House, Parker Street,

Kingsway, London WC2B 5PB

P.O. Box 46038, Banda Street,

Nairobi, Kenya


Pitman Publishing Pty. Ltd.

Pitman House, 138 Bouverie Street,

Carlton, Victoria 3053, Australia


Pitman Publishing Corporation

6 East 43rd Street,

New York, NY 10017 USA

transcription:  260 ## $a London ; $a New York : $b Pitman


t.p.:  Penguin Books

t.p. verso:

Penguin Books Ltd., Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England

Penguin Books Inc., ... Baltimore, Maryland

Penguin Books Australia Ltd., Ringwood, Victoria, Australia

Penguin Books Canada Limited, ... Markham, Ontario, Canada

Penguin Books (N.Z.) Ltd., ... Auckland 10, New Zealand

transcription:  260 ## $a Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England ; $a Baltimore, Md. : $b Penguin Books

If the chief source has on it a specific firm name and a statement about associated companies or a parent organization appears elsewhere in the item, do not include these associated companies or their places in the imprint.

t.p.:  Newnes Technical Books

(Information from outside the book establishes that this firm is located in London)

t.p. verso:  The Butterworth Group

United Kingdom

Butterworth & Co (Publishers) Ltd.

London: 88 Kingsway, WC2B 6AB


Butterworths Pty Ltd.

Sydney: 586 Pacific Highway, Chatswood NSW 2067

Also at Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth


Butterworth & Co (Canada) Ltd.

Toronto: 2265 Midland Avenue, Scarborough

Ontario, M1P 4S1

New Zealand

Butterworths of New Zealand, Ltd.

Wellington: T & W Young Building

77-85 Customhouse Quay, 1, CPO Box 472

South Africa

Butterworth & Co (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd.

Durban: 152-154 Gale Street


Butterworth (Publishers) Inc.

Boston: 19 Cummings Park, Woburn, MA 01801

First published 1978 by Newnes Technical Books

A Butterworth Imprint

transcription:  260 ## $a [London] : $b Newnes Technical Books


t.p.:  Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd.

t.p. verso:

Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd.

London, Bath, Carlton, Melbourne, Johannesburg

Associated Companies

Pitman Medical Publishing Company Ltd.

46 Charlotte Street, London

Pitman Publishing Corporation

20 East 46th Street, New York, NY 11105

Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons (Canada) Ltd.

381-383 Church Street, Toronto

transcription:  260 ## $a London : $b I. Pitman


LC practice:  If information concerning the distributor is printed or appears on a stamp or label anywhere in the item, record the distributor in the publication, distribution, etc., area.  (Ignore distributors given only on the dust jacket.)  Record the name of the distributor if it differs in form from the name of the publisher even though both belong to the same entity.  Exceptions:  1) Do not record those distributors that are remaindering an edition, that are secondhand dealers, or that act in some other capacity as outlets for only part of an edition.  Distributors of these types are of no bibliographic significance.  If in doubt as to the significance of the distributor statement, record it.  2) If distribution is dispersed between publisher and distributor(s) or between distributor and distributor (with one distributing in one area and the other distributing in another area), give only the distributor that distributes the edition in the U.S.  If, in case of dispersed distribution, there is no distributor in the U.S., give the first-named distributor only when there is no publisher.  3) Do not record distributors found on items older than the current three years.

foot of t.p.:  Alfred A. Knopf, New York

t.p. verso:  Distributed by Random House, New York

transcription:  260  ##  $a New York : $b Knopf : $b Distributed by Random House

For items from the United States Government Printing Office (GPO), retain the statement that an item is for sale by the Superintendent of Documents since only a portion of GPO’s items is distributed in that manner.

Recording Multiple Entities:

When recording the names of two or more publishers, distributors, etc., and the names appear together in the item in a single statement that connects them linguistically, generally give them in a single statement rather than separating them with a space-colon-space.  However, if the names need to be transcribed after different places, give each entity in a separate publisher statement in the publication, distribution, etc., area.

260 ## $a New York : $b Foremost American Pub. Corp. for Bowker

260 ## $a London : $b National Council for Educational Technology with the Library Association

260 ## $a London : Bodley Head for Mackays

but    260 ## $a New York : $b Garland ; $a Paris : $b Fondation Le Corbusier

(Source: Garland Publishing, Inc., New York and London, and Fondation Le Corbusier, Paris)

Note that if the entities are located in different places, it does not necessarily mean that the item was published, distributed, etc., in those places.  Record as places of publication, etc., only the locations of the entities that are actually publishing, distributing, releasing, etc., the item.  However, names of places rejected for recording as places of publication, etc., may be retained in the publisher statement if they appear in conjunction with the names of the entities being recorded here.

260 ## $a Riberalta, Bolivia : $b Publicado por el Instituto Lingüístico de Verano en colaboración con el Ministerio de Educación y Cultura

260 ## $a Toronto ; $a Buffalo : $b Published for the Glenbow-Alberta Institute, Calgary, Alta., by University of Toronto Press

260 ## $a Rio de Janeiro : $b Livraria Editora Cátedra em convênio com o Instituto Nacional do Livro, Ministerio da Educação e Cultura, Brasília

260 ## $a London : $b Published by Mechanical Engineering Publications Ltd. for the Institute of Tribology, Leeds University, and the Institut national des sciences appliquées, Lyon

If the names of two or more entities appear in separate statements on the chief source of information of the edition being cataloged (or on the single source used for the publisher statement when the publisher is not named on the chief source), do not routinely give in the publication, distribution, etc., area the entities that are not involved with the publication, distribution, etc., of the item.  Generally give them in a quoted note instead.

foot of t.p.:  George Godwin, London and New York

middle of t.p.:  Published in association with the Plastics and Rubber Institute


260 ## $a London ; $a New York : $b Godwin

500 ## $a "Published in association with the Plastics and Rubber Institute."

foot of t.p.:  The University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville

middle of t.p.:  Published in cooperation with the Tennessee Historical Commission


260 ## $a Knoxville : $b University of Tennessee Press

500 ## $a "Published in cooperation with the Tennessee Historical Commission."

foot of t.p.:  Publication of the Hawaii Natural History Association

at head of title:  Published in cooperation with the National Park Service


260 ## $a [Honolulu] : $b Hawaii Natural History Association

500 ## $a "Published in cooperation with the National Park Service."


Option Decision:

LC practice:  Apply the optional provision of the rule according to LCRI 1.4D4.


For a language whose final cataloging record is not in romanized form, use "s.n." if there is no equivalent abbreviation in the nonroman script.

See also:

1.4.  Publication, Distribution, Etc., Area