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If a bracketed date of publication, etc., is followed by a bracketed place of manufacture, disregard 1.0C and put a closing bracket after the date and an opening bracket before the place.

Paris : Plans-guides Blay, [1979] ([Paris] : Imprimerie de Montligeon)

not     Paris : Plans-guides Blay, [1979 (Paris] : Imprimerie de Montligeon)


LC practice:  Apply the option on a case-by-case basis.  However, for books always include the date of a later impression, qualified by the word "printing" (without brackets), if the date of the first impression of the edition differs in years.  If, after cataloging a later impression, the first impression is received for cataloging, revise the record to convert the date

from the form "[date] ([date] printing)" (e.g., 1970 (1973 printing))

to "[date]" (e.g., 1970),

so that the one bibliographic record can stand for all impressions.  If, however, it is an impression other than the first that is received in the second instance, treat this as a copy and do not revise the record.

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