21.17B1 is written in terms of a single artist, but some of its provisions are also needed if the reproductions of two or more art works are of multiple artists.  If for such compilations entry under the author of the text is not appropriate , enter under the title (cf. 21.7).  Note, however, that cases of multiple artists involving 21.1B2 should be evaluated under that rule (cf. LCRI 21.1B2).

If a work is entered under the heading for an artist according to 21.17B1, make an added entry under the heading from the person who wrote the text if his or her name appears anywhere in the item.

Art Catalogs:

If a catalog of the works of a single artist also contains reproductions of the artist’s works, or reproductions and texts about the artist or the artist’s works, enter it under the heading for the person who wrote the catalog if he or she is represented as the author of the catalog in the chief source of information.  Otherwise, enter the catalog under the heading for the artist.  ("Catalog" here includes those that are related to exhibitions of the artist’s works and those that represent the works of an artist held by one corporate body.)

If the catalog of a single artist’s works does not contain reproductions of his or her own works, apply the following in the order listed:

1.   If the catalog emanates from the corporate body that holds all the works listed, enter it under the heading for the body.

2.   If the person or persons who wrote the catalog is known, enter it according to 21.4A or 21.6.

3.   If neither 1. nor 2. is applicable, enter the catalog under its title.

See also:

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