Change in LC/PCC policy:  There should be only one record for an unnumbered multipart item.  Prior to Dec. 1, 2002, separate series authority records were made for an unnumbered multipart item when the title proper changed; do not change or condense any records created before Dec. 1, 2002.  (The LC/PCC policy has always been to have only one record for a numbered multipart item when the title proper changed.)

LC/PCC practice:  Follow rule 1.0A2 and always use the first part if possible as the basis of the description for the collected set bibliographic record.  PCC practice:  The same guideline applies to the heading in the series authority record.  If that is not possible, use the first part that is available; in the collected set bibliographic record, make a "Description based on" note (see rule 1.7B23 and its LCRI 1.7B23).

See also:

21.2.  Changes in Title Proper