Added Entries for the Name or Repository Designation of a Manuscript:

When the name or repository designation of a manuscript is not used as a subject (cf. LCRI 25.13) or is not covered by an added entry specified by another rule (e.g., 21.30J1), make an added entry under the name or the repository designation provided one or more of the following conditions applies:

1.   The work is a facsimile edition of the manuscript.

2.   The name or designation appears as part of the title and statement of responsibility area.

3.   The name or designation is given greater emphasis than that given to the author or title of the work on the title page or in another prominent position, as on the cover.

4.   Bibliographies and other reference sources identify the manuscript by its name or repository designation rather than by the author or title of the work.

Otherwise, do not make an added entry for the name or repository designation.

Added Entries for the Name of a Collection:

For items relating to the holdings of a collection, the Library of Congress provides subject access to the collection.  Therefore, make an added entry for the name of a collection only when the collection is a corporate body (cf. 21.1B1) that is prominently named (cf. 21.30E1).  (Note:  On bibliographic records created for items within a particular archival collection, an added entry for that archival collection may be made.)

Added Entries for Electronic or Computer Music Studios:

See LCRI 21.30F.

See also:

21.30.  Specific Rules (Added Entries)