Places on Islands:

1. Places on islands in Australia, Canada, Malaysia, United States, Yugoslavia, or the British Islands. For places on islands covered by 23.4C or 23.4D, add the qualifier called for by 23.4C2 or 23.4D2.

Example A

2. Places on other islands. For places on islands not covered by 23.4C. or 23.4D., add the established form for the name of the island or island group if the heading for the island does not contain the name of the country as qualifier. (Headings for islands or island groups that are jurisdictions (cf. LCRI 23.4B.) reside in the name authority file; headings for those that are not jurisdictions reside in the subject authority file.) If, however, the heading for the island is qualified by the name of the country, add only the name of the country to the place on the island.

Example B

City Sections

Before August 1996, city sections were established either as name or subject headings. After July 1996, establish all city sections, including city districts and neighborhoods, as name headings. (Heading for features in cities (e.g., plazas, circles, squares, monuments, and streets) will continue as subject headings.)

For city sections, add the established form for the name of the city. (Use the heading reflecting its current status for the entire period of the city section’s existence (including any earlier independent existence it may have had), provided the name remains constant.) Make a reference from the name of the city section as a subheading of the name of the city.

Example C

If the city section once had an independent existence but changed its name when it was absorbed into the larger place, establish a heading for each name.

Example D

If the city section is with another city section, add the name of the city, not the name of the section.

Example E

LC practice: Convert headings for city sections existing in the subject authority file to name headings as needed. In converting subject authority records to name authority records, copy the subject authority record into the name authority file. Add the control number of the subject authority record as a 010$z; evaluate existing references (revise ( FN 2) or delete), add additional references as appropriate, delete any 550 fields ( FN 3) (used on subject authority records for historic districts); retain any 670 field(s) as is (including "Work cat." preceding the citation) or add a 670 field (LC database citation), of none already present and change FFD 8 to value n, code FFD 12 as appropriate, and add the cataloger’s code in FFD 25. Submit a proposal to delete the record from the subject authority file to the Subject Headings Editorial Team, Cataloging Policy and Support Office in accordance with the procedures in Subject Cataloging Manual: Subject Headings H193, section 11, and H193.5 (NACO libraries: Submit the proposal to Cooperative Cataloging Team, Regional and Cooperative Cataloging Division.)

See also:

23.4F. Further additions