Although the title of a part title contains a general term that can be abbreviated (e.g., "Preface," "Number . . .") or contains a general term in a foreign language that has an English equivalent (e.g., " . . .Band," "Livre . . ."), give the term in the exact form that is found in the source used for establishing the uniform title.

Groupes algébriques. Tome 1

not Groupes algébriques. T. 1

not Groupes algébriques. Volume 1

not Groupes algébriques. Vol. 1

When the title of a part title entered subordinately consists of both numbering and a specific title, give the number alone before the specific title. Omit such terms as "volume," "part," "tome," etc., that appear with the number. (Do not apply this to uniform titles for serials, monographic series, legal documents, or parts of musical works; cf. 12.1B5, LCRI 1.6H, 25.32A.)

Introduction à la Bible. 1, Introduction générale

not Introduction à la Bible. Tome 1, Introduction générale

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