Note that the rule for independent entry of part titles is for the case when "a separately catalogued part of a work has a title of its own." A part cannot be said to have "a title of its own" when it bears only a dependent designation, such as

1. an alphabetic or numeric subdivision ("part 1," "part 2"; "A," "B"; etc.;);

2. chronological subdivisions ("from 1918 to 1925," "from 1936 to the present"; "14th century"; "early times," "present day"; etc.)

3. geographic subdivisions ("Calhoun County," "Chilton Country"; "the prairies," "the mountains"; etc.)

4. phrases that omit an essential piece of information found in the collective title ("teeth," "fossilized footprints," etc., when the collective title is "Dinosaur relics"; "changes of state," "surfaces," etc., when the collective title is "Treatise on solid state chemistry")

5. general terms such as "atlas," "glossary," "index," "preface," "plates," etc.


See also:

25.6. Parts of a Work