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Unpaged Books:

Except for rare books, do not follow the rule.  Instead, record the extent statement as:

1 v. (unpaged)

N.B.  The Library of Congress applied the LCRI as written, which results in a reduction of data given in the bibliographic record.  Other libraries may wish in certain or indeed in all cases to give the fuller data without this reduction.  In this respect bibliographic records must be considered equally valid or "correct," no matter which of the two practices is followed.  This policy is especially important in the context of LC’s handling records originally created by other libraries when LC is using them in its own cataloging:  the fuller data should be left "as is."


If the volume has complicated or irregular paging, apply method c. only:

1 v. (various pagings)


LC practice:  Give the number of leaves or pages of plates after the paging if the leaves or pages of plates are numbered.  If the leaves or pages of plates are unnumbered, give the number only when the plates clearly represent an important feature of the book.  Otherwise, generally do not count unnumbered leaves or pages of plates.

In records created by other agencies or libraries, generally accept the information already in the record unless it is obviously wrong.


Multipart Item Incomplete:

LC practice:  Record holdings for an incomplete multipart item according to the guidelines in the section of LCRI 1.0C headed LC/CONSER Practice for Temporary/Uncertain Data.


In recording bibliographic details for books that have been, or will be, bound by someone other than the publisher, formulate volume and illustration statements in the physical description and note areas based on the book as issued by the publisher rather than as bound after publication.  For example, is a separately issued "volume 1" and "volume 2" of a monograph is bound by a library in one physical volume, "2 v." is the correct volume statement, not "2 v. in 1."

For ephemeral and "made up" sets lacking a collective title, base the volume and illustration statements on the library’s copy and binding.


LC practice:  Do not apply the rule.


Incomplete Multipart Items:

This statement applies to cases in which the information is readily available that a multipart item, although not finished, has ceased publication.

If more than one volume was published, use "No more published."

500 ## $a No more published.

(extent statement:  3 v.)

If only one volume was published, combine in a single note a quotation of the part designation (as opposed to recording this designation in the title and statement of responsibility area) and the cataloger’s statement "No more published."

500 ## $a "Volume I." No more published.

(extent statement: iii, 227 p.)

500 ## $a "Book one, Lacson as a newspaperman." No more published.

(extent statement:  95 p.)


Option Decision:

See LCRI 1.1C.  Optional addition.  General material designation.

See also:

2.5.  Physical Description Area