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Focusing on the concept of "edition" for music publications, note the following points:  care must be taken to distinguish between edition statements of the book type, which are found in music publications, and the very common musical presentation statements that should not be taken as edition statements.  A musical presentation statement is one that indicates the version, the arrangements, etc., of a work or the form in which a work is presented in the item (i.e., the music format).  Unfortunately, these statements frequently include the word "edition."  Even so, they should not be regarded as edition statements.

Musical presentation statements go in the statement of responsibility when the music itself is meant:  a version of the music, an arrangement of the music, even a transposition of the music.  In all these cases, an "author" is responsible for a changing of the original work.  In other cases, when the music format is meant (e.g., edition in score format, edition as a set of parts), then the musical presentation statement should be transcribed according to 5.3.


When a song, song cycle, or set or collection of songs bears a statement designating the voice range (as distinguished from a statement of medium of performance) that is not grammatically linked to the title, other title information, etc., transcribe the statement as an edition statement, whether or not it includes the word "edition" or its equivalent.

245 10 $a Lieder / $c Franz Schubert ; herausgegeben von Walther Dürr.

250 ## $a Hohe Stimme (Originallage).

245 10 $a Schubert-Album.

250 ## $a Neue, kritisch durchgesehene Ausg. / $b von L. Benda, Ausg. für hohe Stimme.

245 10 $a Roadways / $c words by John Masefield ; music by Edith Rose.

250 ## $a High key in F.


245 10 $a Lieder : $b eine Auswahl für hohe Stimmlage und Klavier ...

245 10 $a Drei Lieder für eine hohe Stimme mit Klavierbegleitung ...


Apply the option according to the statements in LCRI 1.2B4.


Option Decision:

LC practice:  Do not apply the optional provision of the rule.

See also:

5.2.  Edition Area