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Option Decision:

LC practice:  Do not apply the optional provision of the rule.

See also LCRI 1.1C.  Optional addition.  General material designation.

For clarifications of the definitions of the terms "chorus score" and "vocal score," see LCRI Appendix D.

If neither "chorus score," "close score," nor "vocal score" applies to a vocal publication in score format, use "score" or "miniature score" (unless the item is for an unaccompanied solo voice or unaccompanied unison voices).

While the specific material designation terms listed following the first paragraph of this rule (score, condensed score, etc.) are to be applied to entire physical units, this is not true of the phrase "of music" in the third paragraph.  When "of music" is used, apply the phrase only to those sequences (for the definition of "sequence" see 2.5B2, footnote 2) which are, or consist primarily of, music, and not to sequences which are primarily text.

300 ## $a 1 score (vi, 27 p.) ...

(Only p. 1-27 are music)


300 ## $a xxv p., 55 p. of music ...

(Only p. 1-55 are music)

300 ## $a 129 p. of music, [7] p. ...

(Only p. 1-129 are music)

300 ## $a 46, 39 p. of music ...

(Both sequences are music)

Do not use "sheet" in describing music.  Describe leaves printed on one side only in terms of leaves, whether they are bound, folded, or separate.



When there is only one part, include its pagination.  (Disregard the second example under 5.5D1.)

1 score (20 p.) + 1 part (3 p.)

When parts are issued in two or more "volumes," include the number of volumes.

1 score (2 v.) + 1 part (2 v.)

1 score (3 v.) + 2 parts (3 v.)

4 parts (6 v.)


Option Decision:

See LCRI 1.1C.  Optional addition.  General material designation.

See also:

5.5.  Physical Description Area