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Note:  LC uses Archival Moving Image Materials , rather than Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, for all its moving image materials cataloging.

PCC practice:  When credits for performer, author, director, producer, "presenter," etc., precede or follow the title in the chief source, in general do not consider them as part of the title proper, even though the language used integrates the credits with the title.  (In the examples below, the italicized words are to be considered the title proper.)

Twentieth Century Fox presents Star wars

Steve McQueen in Bullitt

Ed Asner as Lou Grant

Jerry Wald’s production of The story on page one

Ordinary people, starring Mary Tyler Moore and Donald Sutherland

Thief, with James Caan

This does not apply to the following cases:

1.   the credit is within the title, rather than preceding it;

CBS special report

IBM--close up

IBM puppet shows

2.   the credit is actually a fanciful statement aping a credit;

Little Roquefort in Good mousekeeping

3.   the credit is represented by a possessive immediately preceding the remainder of the title.

Neil Simon’s Seems like old times


Apply the optional provision of the rule on a case-by-case basis.

See also:

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