5B1. Describe all looseleaf publications, active or dormant, as 1 v. (looseleaf), 2 v. (looseleaf), etc., as appropriate. If all volumes (binders) are unnumbered, consider each volume (binder) to constitute a separate bibliographic volume.

In describing multivolume publications consisting of both numbered and unnumbered volumes (e.g., the set consists of four numbered volumes and an unnumbered index/tables volume), record in the extent statement the numbered volumes only. Record the unnumbered volume(s) in a note; indicate explicitly the total number of unnumbered volumes if this is not clear from the note itself (see 7B17).

5B1. Example1

Optionally, if a looseleaf publication comprises multiple components ( subservices), do not describe the extent of an active looseleaf publication. (LC follows the option)

5B1. Example 2

Describe a looseleaf service comprising components that are looseleaf and those that are not looseleaf in terms appropriate to each. Qualify the extent of the component that is not looseleaf by the phrase "(not looseleaf)." (See 5B3 below)

5B2  Transfer Volumes (9)

Describe the extent of volumes of a looseleaf publication that includes transfer material of a single type (e.g., cases decided) in terms of "looseleaf" and "transfer."

5B2. Example 1

Describe the extent of volumes of a looseleaf publication that includes transfer material of two or more different types in terms of looseleaf and the total of transfer volumes.

5B2. Example 2

Optionally, do not record the extent of transfer material during the lifetime of the publication. (10) (LC follows the option.)

5B2. Example 3:

5B3. Services published in sections/subservices (some looseleaf and some not)

Describe the extent of a service consisting of one or more looseleaf sections or subservices and one or more non-looseleaf sections constitute transfer materials, describe all as "not looseleaf."

5B3. Example 1

Optionally, do not record the extent of either looseleaf or non-looseleaf material, or both, during the lifetime of the publication.

5B3. Example 2:

5B4. Expanded/split volumes (11)

When a numbered volume of a multivolume publication is later expanded and split into several volumes (e.g., volume 2 of a 3-volume set has been replaced by volumes 2A and 2B), record the expansion as one bibliographic volume in several physical volumes (binders). Update the extent as necessary.

5B4. Example 1

However, when an unnumbered volume in a numbered series later expands into several volumes that carry no numbering per se and only the numbering of the series is expanded, record each unnumbered volume (binder) as a separate bibliographic volume.

5B4. Example 2

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