An audience note is used for information indicating any limitations or restrictions on the use of an item as well as the intended audience. Generally, restrictions on the use or distribution of an item are identified in a "restrictions on access" note (tag 506).

Topographic maps, aeronautical charts, and large scale city plans produced by the Defense Mapping Agency (DMA), Hydrographic/Topographic Center and its predecessors (including the Army Map Service) covering territories at scales of 1:250,000 and larger are, by agreement with the country are involved, restricted to United States Government officials and officials of the mapped country.

However, some previously restricted series (e.g., :7014, Vietnam at 1:50,000; U502, India-Pakistan at 1:250,000) are no longer restricted. The DMA catalogs (14) indicate the status of potentially restricted map series/sets. Examples:

Additionally, selected Tactical Pilotage Charts (TCP) at 1:500,000 are also restricted.

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