Notes are included in a bibliographic description in an attempt to describe, as completely as possible, the items being cataloged. Notes cam be quoted, created by a cataloger, or formulated according to a prescribed format. Any of these methods can be used to construct some categories of notes, depending on readability or other aesthetic considerations, while a specific method may be preferred or prescribed for other categories. Two rules, however, are universally applied to notes:

include only those notes that actually describe or cam be quoted from the item itself;

notes which fall into the area of conjecture are generally not included.


At Head of Title Note

Justification Notes

Order of Notes

Nature and Scope of the Item


Source of Title Proper

Variations in Title

Statements of Responsibility

Edition and History

Donor, Source, Etc. and Previous Owners

Mathematical and Other Cartographic Data

Publication, Distribution, Etc.

Physical Description

Accompanying Material

Audience and Limitations for Access

References to Published Descriptions

Contents Notes


Copy Being Described

Cataloger’s Note

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