References to Standard Sources (tag 510):

When specifying a published description of an item, provide an exact transcription of the brief-form citation for the standard carto-bibliography in a citation/references note (tag 510). Only the standardized, pre-approved citation forms are to be used in a citation/references note.

BCI (15)

LC Treasure maps

HLAS (16)

LC Treasure maps (2nd ed.)

Koeman, C. Atlantes Neerlandici (17)

LC Treasure maps (Suppl.)

LC Antarctic maps

LC U.S. railroad maps

LC Civil War maps

LC Ward maps

LC Civil War maps (2nd ed.)

LeGear. Atlases of the United States (19)

LC Detroit and vicinity

Lowery (20)

LC Land ownership maps

Phillips (21)

LC Maps of North America, 1750-1789 (18)

Phillips. Maps of America (22)

LC Marketing maps (3rd ed.)

Stephenson. Cartography of northern Virginia (23)

LC Nautical charts on vellum

Wheat, C.I. Mapping the transmississippi West (24)

LC Panoramic maps

Wheat, C.I. Maps of the Calif. gold region (25)

LC Panoramic maps (2nd ed.)

Wagner, H.R. Cartog. of the NW coast (26)

LC Trails


Although this is a comprehensive listing of currently approved standard citation forms, forms for other, analogous bibliographies may be added to the list as encountered or requested. Requests for additional standard brief-form citations should be submitted to the Head of the Cataloging Unit for approval. (27)

Whenever the specific location of the description within the bibliography (e.g., citation number, page number, etc.) can be determined, include it in the citation/references note, preceded by a comma. Because of the data manipulation of this information, no punctuation is added beyond the normal for abbreviations. Examples:

Do not make special searches in the bibliographies for the sole purpose of adding the citation/references note. Add the citation/references note:

when the item’s inclusion in a bibliography is incidentally verified as part of the normal cataloging process (e.g., in a search for a supplied title);

when the existing folder for a map previously accessioned and processed for the collection includes the information;

when directly informed of the item’s inclusion in a bibliography.

When a cartographic item is located in more than one of the specified bibliographies include separate citation/reference notes for each description.

Add separate citation/references notes for an item described with different citation numbers in multiple editions of a specific bibliography. Example:

The citation/references note includes published bibliographies only. Identify unpublished or projected bibliographies through standard, approved citation forms in a cataloger’s note (tag 952). (28)

References to Non-Standard Sources:

References to non-standard, infrequently-cited published descriptions are made in a longer, ,ore complete form as a general note (tag 500). Usually the phrase Described in: is used to introduce the note. Example:

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