Include statements relating to authorship or responsibility (e.g., copyright statements) that are not considered formal statements of responsibility in a note. Example:

Main Entry:

Include a note indicating the source of the main entry, when it is supplied from outside the chief source of information, in the bibliographic description if it is considered useful. Example:

If the entry can be inferred from information transcribed elsewhere in the bibliographic description (e.g., the CIA’s distinctive publisher code), however, the note is not included.

Pre-Copyright Statements:

Include statements such as Registered with the Clerk of the Court ... or Deposited with the Librarian of Congress ... on items published before the development of the copyright law as a quoted note, when necessary, to justify an added entry or a call number date. Also quote such a statement if the date in the statement differs from the date in the publication, distribution, etc. area. Example:

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