Maps frequently have several titles located in various places on the item or its cover, slipcase, etc. When these titles differ form the title proper, they are recorded in the notes area.

Alternate Title: ...:

This phrase may be used to introduce an exact transcription of an alternate title that is located on the item or its accompanying material other than the folded panel or cover. Alternate titles also may be introduced by a phrase that is constructed to include an indication of the location of the alternate title. Example: Title in upper margin: ...

The existence of alternate titles for serials, (12) map series/sets, and multisheet single maps is also recorded in a note. The completeness of this note depends on the situation.

Single alternate titles are transcribed as for single maps.

The usual practice for alternate titles that vary from sheet to sheet is not to list the variant alternate titles, but simply to acknowledge their existence. Examples:

Varying alternate titles may be listed if considered important (e.g., there are only two variations in the alternate title in the history of the publication, the variant title explains the subject content, one variant title predominates in the publication, etc.).

Non-Roman Alphabet Alternate Title

Cover Title: ...:

This phrase is used to introduce an exact transcription of a variant title that appears on the cover of the map, text, etc., in which the item is enclosed.

Panel Title: ...:

This phrase is used to introduce an exact transcription of the title that is printed on an item so that it appears on the outside of the sheet when folded. This title may appear either on the recto or the verso of the item.

Segment Titles:

Maps Printed on Both Sides of Sheet

Multisheet Single Maps

Title Varies:

Map Series/Sets, Multisheet Single Maps, Serials (13):

Note: these provisions apply only to variant collective or inclusive titles, not to individual sheet titles.

When a map series/set, a multisheet single map, or a map serial has different collective titles on some sheets or issues, the standard note Title varies: ...-...--... may be used to list all variant titles. Generally, descriptive access should be provided for all variant titles. Example:

In cases where the variant titles are few, however, and where their use can be succinctly explained, a non-formatted note is preferred to the formal note. Examples:

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