NACO authority work is based on the following documentation.  Much of it is available in electronic form via the Web:

A.  Required NACO documentation

1.   Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR), latest revision.

2.   Library of Congress Rule Interpretations, 1990-  (LCRIs).  Updates issued quarterly.

3.   MARC 21 Format for Authority Data, including the accompanying LC Guidelines Supplement and the Descriptive Cataloging Manual (DCM) Section Z1, Name and Series Authority Records.  Updates issued regularly.

4.   ALA-LC Romanization Tables.  For transcription of non-roman data in authority records.

B.  RLIN21 documentation

The RLIN21 Client is used to create NACO records.  This client can be downloaded from the Web for free:

1.  Order RLIN21 to Create Records in the RLG Union Catalog

Instructions on setup and use of the client for NACO input are included in help files within the client.  Some information, including a comparison of user actions between RLIN and RLIN21 are also available on the Web.

2.  From RLIN to RLIN21 Client:  Comparing User Actions

3.  Creating Records in the LC/NACO Authority File using RLIN21

Searching notes for LC/NACO and LC/SACO Authority Files are available with the client and also on the Web.

4.  RLIN21 LC/NACO Authority File

5.  RLIN21 LC/SACO Authority File

6.  RLIN21 Searching Guide to the Authority Files for RLIN Users

C.  OCLC documentation

1.  OCLC Authority User Guide, 3rd ed., 2003.

2.  Connexion Browser Documentation.

3.  Connexion Client Documentation.

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