1.   Add required cross references to the authority record, including tags, subfields, delimiters, and diacritics.  Search all cross references to insure they do not conflict with established headings (1XXs).  (4XX references may conflict with 4XX on other records).  Keep in mind that normalization may result in conflicts between 1XX and 4XX forms of the name.

2.   For the basic procedures to be used in formulating cross references, see:

AACR2, Chapter 26, and parts of Chapters 22-25

LCRIs for Chapter 26, and parts of Chapters 22-25

DCM, Section Z1

MARC 21 Format for Authority Data, as necessary

3.   This point bears repeating:  When establishing a subordinate unit of a corporate body, it is also necessary to establish the parent body as a separate entry, unless it is already in the LC/NAF.  This applies to cross reference structures as well.  For example, the heading:

110 2# $a Gewerkschaft der Polizei (Germany). $b Landesbezirk Baden-Württemberg

cannot be established unless there is also an established heading for the parent body, Gewerkschaft der Polizei (Germany).

See also:

Section I:  New Authority Records