Authority records for names established by the British Library in connection with the English Short Title Catalogue project.  Since these headings are being provided by a national library, they may not be changed without special permission.  Proposed changes should be referred to the BL Authority Control staff at

ESTC records can be identified by the following elements:

1.   The 040 field contains either UK/ESTC-NA or UK/LU-ECT.

2.   The first 670 citation is supplied by project staff and might not represent the publication that caused the heading to be established.  The parenthetical statement of the title page form may not include all elements in the heading or may reflect a variant form.

3.   Cross references might not be justified by information cited in 670 fields.

4.   The record will contain a 667 note field reading:  Data provided by ESTC/BL.


040 ## $a UK/LU-ECT $c DLC

100 1# $a Bramston, James, $d1694?-1744

400 0# $a Author of the Art of politicks, $d 1694?-1744

400 1# $a Art of politicks, Author of, $d 1694?-1744

400 0# $a Ambi-dexter ignoramus, $d 1694?-1744

667 ## $a Data provided by ESTC/BL

670 ## $a The man of taste, 1733: $b t.p. (the author of the Art of politicks)

670 ## $a RLIN, Mar. 19, 1985 $b (Bramston, James, 1694?-1744)

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Section II:  Additions and Changes to Authority Records