1F1.  Two or more works named on the title page

1F2.  One or more works not named on the title page

1F1.  Two or more works named on the title page

1F1.1.  By same person or body

If the publication has no collective title and the title page bears the titles of two or more individual works, other than supplementary matter, that are contained in the publication, transcribe the titles of the individual works in the order in which they appear on the title page.  Separate the titles by a space-semicolon-space if the works are all by the same person(s) or body (bodies), even if the titles are linked by a connecting word or phrase.

Les Akanças : prologue mélo-dramatique, en un acte et en prose ; suivi Des Espagnols dans la Floride : pantomime en trois actes et à spectacle

1F1.2.  By different persons or bodies

If the individual works are by different persons or bodies, or the authorship is in doubt, precede each title other than the first by a period and one space, unless a linking word or phrase is already present.  Precede each statement of responsibility by a space-slash-space.

The serving-man become a queen. Jockey of the green. The lass of Richmond Hill

Franklin's way to wealth and Penn's maxims

1F2.  One or more works not named on the title page

If the publication has no collective title, and one or more works contained in the publication are not named on the title page:

transcribe the title and statement of responsibility from the title page,  and name the other work(s) in a contents note (see 7B16)

or   make a separate description for each separately titled work, linking the separate descriptions with "With" notes (see 7B18)

or   devise a collective title for the whole publication, preferably in the language and script of the cataloging agency, and use this devised title, enclosed in square brackets, as the title proper

[Acts of Parliament enacted in 1732]

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