5E1.  General rule

5E2.  Issued in pocket

5E1.  General rule


If a publication and its accompanying material are issued simultaneously (or nearly so) and are intended to be used together, give the number of physical units of accompanying material in arabic numerals, and the name of the material at the end of the physical description.

; 24 cm (8vo) + 1 price list


Optionally, give the physical description of accompanying material in parentheses following its name.

; 21 cm (8vo) + 1 atlas (38 p., 19 leaves of plates : col. maps ; 37 cm (fol.))

; 25 cm (8vo) + 1 map (col. ; 65 x 40 cm)

or   describe the accompanying material independently

or   mention it in a note (see 7B11).

LC Rare Book Team Guidelines:  Usually exercise option.

5E2.  Issued in pocket

If accompanying material is issued in a pocket attached to a publication, specify the location in a note.

; 30 cm (4to) + 2 folded maps

Note:  Maps in pocket on inside back cover

See also:

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