H3.1.  General rule

To relate the description of an individual issue to the description of the serial as a whole and to provide organized access to the records in the catalog, make a series added entry using the uniform title for the serial.  Apply AACR2 and LCRI in formulating the uniform title.

H3.2.  Issues with distinctive titles

For access to the serial title on a monographic record for an issue that has a distinctive title, give a simple series statement (440) if the serial title will be traced in the form in which it appears on the piece. If the serial title appearing on the piece is not in the form in which it will be traced, give an uncontrolled series statement (490) with a series added entry (8XX).

245  02  $a A book of humorous limericks / $c edited by Clement Wood.

440  _0_  $a Little blue book ; $v no. 1018

245  00  $a Earthquake potential in Colorado.

490  1_  $a Bulletin / Colorado Geological Survey, Department of Natural Resources, State of Colorado ; $v 43

830  _0  $a Bulletin (Colorado Geological Survey) ; $v 43.

H3.3.  Issues without distinctive titles

For access to the serial title on a monographic record for an issue that does not have a distinctive title, give a series added entry (8XX).

245  14  $a The foundling hospital for wit : $b intended for the reception and preservation of such brats of wit and humour whose parents chuse to drop them. $n Number III, to be continued occasionally / $c by Timothy Silence, Esq.

800  1_  $a Silence, Timothy. $t Foundling hospital for wit ; $v no. 3.

245  00  $a Hoopoe. $n Spring 1991, issue no. 7.

830  _0  $a Hoopoe ; $v issue no. 7.

245  00  $a Almanacco anti letterario Bompiani. $n 1937-XV.

830  _0  $a Almanacco anti letterario Bompiani ; $v 1937.

H3.4.  Issue numbering

H3.4.1.  General rule

Transcribe issue numbering (including numeric and/or chronological designations) in full in the descriptive areas, but standardize issue numbering in the added entry for the serial.  This will provide both the accurate representation of individual issues as well as an organized display of sequential issues within the catalog.

245  04  $a The post boy. $n Numb. 2436, from Thursday December 21 to Saturday December 23, 1710.

830  _0  $a Post boy (London, England) ; $v no. 2436.

H3.4.2.  Chronological designation only

If the issue has only a chronological designation, use "year month day" as the standardized form of the chronological designation in the access point.

245  04  $a The English Lucian, or, Weekly discoveries of the witty intrigues, comical passages, and remarkable transactions in town and country with reflections on the vices and vanities of the times. $n Friday the 17th of January, 1698.

830  _0  $a English Lucian ; $v 1698 Jan. 17.

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