Class numbers are usually provided for congresses among the form captions that appear at the head of major topics in the LC classification schedules. Congresses may be entered under the name of the congress, the name of a corporate body, or title.

Numbers for congresses are used to class (1) the collected papers delivered at or published for one or more named or unnamed congresses, symposia, conferences, meetings, etc.; (2) condensations of these papers; (3) reports of the proceedings and discussions, program statements, lists of delegates, etc., of congresses, or (4) combinations of these various types of materials.

Publications that are entered under the name of an organization and that report on the proceedings of a business meeting of the organization with little or no substantive material on a topic are not classed as congresses but are treated as society publications and classed with the organization in the appropriate number for societies (cf. F 225).

This instruction sheet supersedes information on classifying congresses that appeared in Cataloging Service Bulletin, no. 3, Winter 1979. For shelflisting procedures, see G 230.


1. Number established for congresses

2. No number established for congresses

3. New numbers for congresses

4. Monographic congresses

5. Continuations of serial congresses

6. Works about a congress

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