F 50 Anchor Point Example:

600  Public welfare. Public assistance (VI)

 .2  Public institutions (VI)

601   Social work. Social workers (VI)

   Particular groups

602   Women (VI)

603   Children. Child welfare. Youth services

    Including handicapped or retarded children

 .5   Foster home care (VI)

604   Aged persons (VI)

605   Handicapped. Disabled. Vocational rehabilitation (VI)

 .3   Blind (VI)

    Children, see KFC603

608   Special topics, A-Z (VII)

   .D6 Domicile requirements

 .5 Disaster relief (VI)

The line reading 600 Public welfare. Public assistance (VI) is the anchor point for alignment of the caption, and the line reading 608 Special topics, A-Z is the anchor point for location. The proposal is formatted as follows, substituting [...] for lines that are omitted:


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