"B" classification

see Class B


Folk literature: F 590

Bantus: F 587


Classification proposals: F 50


Abridgments: F 475


Alternate numbers: F 150

Annotated bibliography: F 480

Children’s literature

Alternate numbers: F 150

Dissertations: F 585

Alternate numbers: F 150


Alternate numbers: F 150

Theses: F 585

University publications

Alternate numbers: F 150

Bilingual works

Juvenile literature: F 615

Biography: F 275

see also Collective biography

see also Individual biography

Brothers and sisters: F 275

Heads of state: F 605

Husbands and wives: F 275

Literary authors

Authors writing in more than one language: F 632

Legislators: F 605

My life with [a famous person]: F 275

Tables: F 275

Travel accounts: F 275

Bound-with books: F 520

Bracketed classification numbers

see Classification numbers - Alternate numbers

Brothers and sisters

Biography: F 275

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