"P" classification

see Class P


see also Models for classification development

Classification proposals: F 50


see also Serials

"A" Cutters: F 220

Classification captions: F 210

Classification numbers: F 210

Society publications: F 225

Periods, Chronological: F 320

Photo novels: F 565

Picture storybooks: F 615

Place, Classification by

vs. Classification by subject: F 10

Place names

Cutter numbers: F 430

Place names, Inverted

Cutter numbers: F 430

Poetry, Folk: F 590

Poetry, Juvenile: F 615

Polygot works

Juvenile literature: F 615


Personal names

Filing rules: F 60

Place names

Filing rules: F 60

Principles of classification: F 10

Printing individual persons under biography numbers: F 275

Printing literary author numbers in the P schedules: F 632

Proceedings of conferences

see Congresses

Programs, Computer: F 710

Proposals for classification numbers

see Classification proposals

Proverbs: F 590

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