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ITSMARC Bibliographic Z39.50 Settings

ITSMARC Z39.50 uses the BIB-1 attribute set. Z39.50 access to ITSMARC bibliographic records utilizes the connection information, attributes and settings listed below.

If you are searching for authority records, see the separate Z39.50 settings for ITSMARC Authority data.

Please enter your selected database name, Internet address, port, user ID, password, and search attributes as specified in your Z39.50 client software documentation. If your client software submits "default" as an attribute, it will be interpreted as indicated below.

Internet Address:

Port: 5666

Databases: Database names contain no spaces and are case-sensitive.

Database  Database Name
A/V Access AVAccessZ
British Current BritishZ
British Backfile BritBackZ
* Canadian MARC CanMarcZ
* Contributed Research and Academics ConraZ
* Contributed Schools and Publics ConspZ
* DocuFile DocuFileZ
EF Sears EFSearsZ
Filipiniana FilipinianaZ
* French MARC FrenchZ
* LC MARC English Backfile LCBackfileZ
* LC MARC English Current LCCurrentZ
* LC MARC English Last 5 days Last5Z
* LC MARC Foreign LCForeignZ
* MARC en Español (Spanish) SpanishZ
* MedMARC MedMarcZ
* NewPubMARC NewPubZ
QualityMARC QualityMARCZ
* TheoMARC TheoMarcZ

* = Core databases, access included in base price of ITSMARC subscription.

ITSMARC Suggested Attribute Settings

For all search types, TLC suggests the following settings:

Attribute No. Suggested Setting Name
Use (See below)
Structure 2 Word
Relation 3 Equal
Position 3 Any position in field
Truncation 100 Do Not Truncate, except where noted below
Completeness 1 Incomplete subfield

For the USE attribute, use the following settings:

Search type No. Name
Author 1003 Personal name
Title 4 Title
Subject 21 Subject heading
Control No. Not supported
Author/Title   Not supported. Search by Author
Title/Author   Not supported. Search by Title
Series Not supported. Search by Title
Music 51 Music Publisher No. Set truncation to RIGHT (1)
LCCN 9 LC Card No. Set truncation to RIGHT (1)
ISBN 7 ISBN. Set truncation to RIGHT (1)
ISSN 8 ISSN. Set truncation to RIGHT (1)
GPO 50 GPO No. Set truncation to RIGHT (1)
Dewey Call Not supported
LCCall Not supported

ITSMARC. also supports the following alternate attribute settings:

Attribute No. Alternate Setting
Structure 1 Phrase, for non-numeric searches
Truncation 1 Right, if Structure not set to Phrase

Advanced users: See additional search options available on TLC's BiblioFile ITS.MARC server.

Library Support

If you have any questions about using ITSMARC via Z39.50, please call TLC Support at 800-852-4911 or 304-229-0100. You may also e-mail your questions to or enter a support ticket at

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