The following information is transcribed from the work.  The information is recorded in the language and script (wherever practicable) of the work.


Statement of responsibility

Version, edition statement

Distributor, releaser, broadcaster


Credits note

Participants or performers note

For versions or editions, record the statements of responsibility, wherever they appear in the record, in the language and script of the version or edition.

When using a secondary source that is not in the language of the work, record information in the language and script of the archive.

For romanization, see ALA-LC Romanization Tables: Transliteration Schemes for Non-Roman Scripts.

In general, insert cataloger-supplied data into the above listed areas in the language and script of the other data in these areas.  Exceptions to this are prescribed abbreviations, prescribed cataloger-supplied statements such as form terms, and general material designations if used, see 1C.  Give cataloger-supplied data according to the same romanization as other data in the area.

Replace symbols or other matter that cannot be reproduced by the facilities available with a cataloger's description in brackets, if feasible.  See AACR2 1.0E and the Library of Congress Rule Interpretation 1.0E for additional guidance.  Give an explanatory note if necessary.  See 7B3 and 7B4.

245 00 $a Tables of the error function and its derivative, [reproduction of equations for the functions].

500 ## $a Mathematical equations appear as part of the title.

245 00 $a Finding the elements of music theory in everyday life / $c by [E.B.C.].

500 ## $a Initials in the statement of responsibility appear as musical notes on opening credit frames.

Cataloger-supplied data may be given in the language and script of the archive when it is not feasible to give it in the language and script of the work.

Give the following information in the language and script of the archive:

Country of production

Country of distributor, releaser, broadcaster

Physical description

Notes, other than those containing titles, credits, participants, performers, and quotations in other languages

See also:

0.  General Rules