Rerelease and reissue titles in the same language as the original work should be used as variant titles if the work in hand is found to have been released later under a different title than the original without any change to its contents.  Any change to its contents would make the work a version.  Moving image works in a language and/or script different from the original are also treated as versions.  For versions, see Chapter 2.  For rereleases and reissues, see 4G.

245 00 $a Perils of Nyoka. $n Chapter 14, $p Blazing barrier.

246 30 $a Blazing barrier

246 1# $i Rereleased as: $a Nyoka and the tigermen. $n Chapter 14, $p Blazing barrier

257 ## $a United States.

260 ## $a United States : $b Republic Pictures Corp., $c 1942 ; $a United States : $b Republic Pictures Corp., $c [194-?]

245 00 $a Boop-oop-a-doop.

246 1# $i Reissued as: $a Betty the circus queen

257 ## $a United States.

260 ## $a United States : $b Paramount Publix Corporation, $c 1932 ; $a United States : $b Conger & Santo, $c [1935?]

245 00 $a Candid eye. $p Lonely boy.

246 1# $i Reissued as: $a Lonely boy

257 ## $a Canada.

260 ## $a [Canada : $b s.n., $c 1961?] ; $a Canada : $b National Film Board of Canada, $c 1962.

500 ## $a Originally released as part of a television series.

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