1A.  Preliminary rule

1A1.  Punctuation

1A2.  Sources of information

1A3.  One record per single work or multiple works

1A4.  Title added entries

1A5.  Parallel titles

1B.  Title proper

1B1.  Title proper of television series, theatrical serials, newsreels, and non-television educational and technical series intended to be viewed consecutively

1B2.  Works with a collective title

1B3.  Works without a collective title

1B4.  Titles of works released in the same year, in the same language, and in different countries

1B5.  Titles of versions, editions

1C.  General material designation

1C1.  Placement of general material designation

1D.  Rerelease, reissue titles

1E.  Other title information

1F.  Structuring supplied titles

1F1.  Structuring supplied titles with form terms

1F2.  Structuring supplied titles without form terms

1F3.  Structuring titles for collection-level cataloging

1G.  Statement of responsibility

1G1.  Choice and placement of credits

1G2.  Order of credits

1G3.  Ambiguous credits

1G4.  International co-productions

1G5.  Compilations, amateur footage of public events, home movies, trailers, etc.

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