Use the collective title as the title proper which is an inclusive title for a work containing multiple works.  For placement of credits, see 1G1.  Include a version, edition statement as necessary.  See Chapter 2.  Make a contents note including the separate titles appearing on the work.  See 7B28.  If the titles are episode titles of a television show, record the series title with the episode title in the contents note.

245 04 $a The best of jazz. $n Vol. 1.

505 0# $a The best of Louis Armstrong -- The best of the big bands  -- The Duke Ellington story -- Ella Fitzgerald in concert.

245 00 $a Popples. $n Vol. 1.

505 0# $a Popples. Treasure of Popple Beach / produced by Jean Chalopin and Tesuo Katayama -- Popples. Poppin' at the beach / produced by Jean Chalopin and Tesuo Katayama.

For archives choosing to make analytical title added entries from the contents note, see Appendix A3.4.

See also:

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