Record statements of responsibility relating to those persons and corporate bodies credited with participation in the original production of a moving image work who are considered to be of major importance and who have some degree of overall responsibility for the work.  Examples of important credits that indicate some degree of overall responsibility for the work include, but are not limited to:  production companies, sponsor, companies credited with various types of co-production, director, producer, screenwriter, animator.

245 00 $a City of Angels. $p The castle of dreams / $c a Roy Huggins/Public Arts Production in association with Universal ; director, Robert Douglas ; producers, Philip DeGuere, Jr., William F. Phillips ; teleplay, Stephen J. Cannell, Philip DeGuere, Jr.

245 00 $a All in the family. $p The joys of sex / $c a Bud Yorkin-Norman Lear Tandem Production ; director, Paul Bogart ; producer, Milt Josefsberg ; developed by Norman Lear ; writer, Erik Tarloff.

Choose the credit terms found on the work unless secondary research proves them to be inaccurate or unclear.  In these cases supply an appropriate term in brackets after the credit term.  When using a secondary source that is not in the language of the work, record the information in the language and script of the archive.

245 02 $a A day at the beach / $c produced by Loew’s Incorporated ; a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture ; supervision [direction], Isadore Freleng.

If a place name appears with the name of a company, include the place name after the name of the company.  Separate the company from the place name with a comma, space punctuation.

245 00 $a Great performances. $p Dance in America. $p Martha Graham Dance Company. $p Clytemnestra / $c WNET/13, New York ; director-series producer, Merrill Brockway ; producer, Emile Ardolino ; choreographed and reconceived for TV by Martha Graham.

When a credit term is judged to be probable, bracket the term.  If it is judged to be questionable, include a question mark in the brackets.  If it is necessary to supply a credit term, see 1G1.1.

245 00 $a Men of bronze / $c the Men of Bronze, Inc. ; producer-director-researcher, William Miles ; [narration writer?], Nancy K. Robinson.

A statement of responsibility should be recorded whether or not it appears on the work.  Sources for a statement of responsibility which does not appear on the work should be recorded in the note area.  See 7B9 and 7B25.

Additional statements of responsibility not recorded in the statement of responsibility area (e.g., associates, assistants, art directors, co-producers) may be included in notes.  See 7B5 for instructions on structuring credit notes.  Participants and performers may be recorded in a separate note.  See 7B6.

245 04 $a The contest kid strikes again / $c ABC, Inc. ; director, Harvey S. Laidman ; producer, Robert Chenault ; writers, Jim Carlson, Terrence McDonnell.

508 ## $a Music, John Cacavas ; editor, Peter Parasheles.

511 1# $a Patrick Petersen, Alan Napier, Ronnie Scribner.

If one person is solely responsible for more than one function recorded in the statement of responsibility, the terms describing the functions can be combined and the name given once.  If performed by the same person, these functions may include positions, such as editor or photographer, which are usually given in the credits note.  This does not include participants or performers.

245 04 $a The brother from another planet / $c A-Train Films ; director-writer-editor, John Sayles ; producers, Peggy Rajski, Maggi Renzi.

508 ## $a Director of photography, Ernest R. Dickerson ; original score, Mason Daring.

Persons credited as co-producers should be placed in a credits note.  If no production company and/or producer is found for the work, co-producers should be placed in the statement of responsibility.

245 00 $a East of Eden. $n Part 1 / $c a Mace Neufeld production ; directed by Harvey Hart ; produced by Barney Rosenzweig ; written for television by Richard Shapiro.

508 ## $a Co-producer, Ken Wales ; edited by Michael Brown and William Brame ; music by Lee Holdridge.

245 00 $a Skyscraper / $c PM Entertainment Group, Inc. ; directed by Raymond Martino ; co-producer, Scott McAboy ; written by William Applegate, Jr., John Larrabee.
(No producer found for this work.)

Depending upon their relationship to the work, credits such as "story by" and "adapted by" may be placed in the statement of responsibility, the credits note, or in a general note.

245 00 $a Kraft television theatre. $p Rip Van Winkle / $c NBC Television ; adapted by R.H. Lindsay.

245 00 $a Beloved / $c Universal Pictures ; directed by Victor Schertzinger ; produced by Bennie F. Zeidman and Carl Laemmle, Jr. ; screenplay by Paul Gangelin and George O’Neil.

508 ## $a Story, Paul Gangelin ; film editor, Edward Curtiss.

245 00 $a Four star playhouse. $p The gift / $c Four Star Productions ; directed by Robert Aldridge ; produced by Charles Boyer ; teleplay by John Bagni and Gwen Bagni.

500 ## $a From a story by Amory Hare.

When the production functions are performed by an individual rather than a company, give a personal name as the first credit in the statement of responsibility area.

245 00 $a Creation / $c by Stan Brakhage.

For placement of statement of responsibility for versions, see Chapter 2.


1G1.1.  Supplied credit terms

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