A statement of responsibility is a statement which records corporate bodies and persons credited with major participation in the original production of a moving image work.  For sources of information for statement of responsibility, see 0C.

Because responsibility for moving image materials is most often complex and highly diverse, archives should determine the types of credits they wish to include in this area.  These credits may vary from institution to institution according to the types of moving image material.  For example, an archive holding television material might consider the function of producer more important than that of director.

Archives may choose to be liberal about giving companies or persons in the statement of responsibility when they have made an important contribution to a particular work, even if the function they perform may not be considered major in other works.  For instance, the choreographer may be given in the statement of responsibility for a work that is mostly or wholly dance.

Standard cataloging practice for archival moving image material is to give the production company as the first statement of responsibility.  With some exceptions, such as amateur-produced material and the instances in which an individual does in fact perform all production activities, the production company is responsible, in a broad sense, for the overall creation of the work.  The production company often serves as the coordinating body responsible for the participation of all persons and other companies in the production of a moving image work.


1G1.  Choice and placement of credits

1G2.  Order of credits

1G3.  Ambiguous credits

1G4.  International co-productions

1G5.  Compilations, amateur footage of public events, home movies, trailers, etc.

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