The production company or person who performs the production company function is always the first statement of responsibility for moving image material.  With that exception, the order of the statements of responsibility should be determined by the requirements of individual archives.  Give the credits as they appear on the work or in secondary sources.  Follow the production company credits with personal name credits.  Separate different functions using the space, semicolon, space punctuation.

Optionally, give the statements of responsibility in the following order: production company or person that performs the production company function, sponsor, companies or persons credited with various types of co-production, director, producer, screenwriter, and animator.

245 04 $a The patsy / $c Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer ; director, King Vidor ; continuity, Agnes Christine Johnston.

245 00 $a NBC reports. $p Trouble in coal country / $c National Broadcasting Company, Inc. ; director-producer, Fred Flamenhaft ; writer, Douglas Kiker.

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