Capitalization and punctuation:  Separate the title proper from other title information by the space, colon, space punctuation ( : ).  Do not capitalize the word following the colon unless it is a proper name.  If a general material designation is used, place it after the title proper and before the space, colon, space.  Other title information may be abridged after the first five words using ellipses.  Record the ellipsis with a space on both sides of it.  If the ellipses precedes a period, generally omit the period.  However, transcribe a period following an abbreviation.  Also transcribe an exclamation point or a question mark which precedes the ellipsis.

245 00 $a Claymation $h [motion picture] : $b three-dimensional clay animation.

245 00 $a Inside the Hayek equation : $b an interview with Friedrich von Hayek.

245 00 $a CBS news special. $p Challenge in the coal mines : $b men against their union.

Terms added to supplied titles are not considered other title information.  See 1F.

See also:

1.  Title and Statement of Responsibility Area