Punctuation:  Use the period, space punctuation to separate the descriptive category from the descriptive phrase.  If a number is used between a descriptive category and a descriptive phrase, use the period, space to separate the descriptive category from the number, and the comma, space to separate the number from the descriptive phrase.

The following rules are for structuring titles for various kinds of moving image materials:  a) works which have titles but cannot be identified; b) works which did not have a title in the form in which the work is held by the archive, e.g., multiple works with no predominant part; c) works which never had titles, are not associated with a titled work, and do not belong in a descriptive category using a form term.  For these types of materials, a supplied title is always used as the title proper.  When there is more than one work in the same descriptive category, use a number to distinguish them.


1F2.1.  Works with probable or questionable titles

1F2.2.  Multiple works with no predominant part

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