If a work containing multiple works has no collective title, and no one work is predominant, and there are too many works to describe separately, supply a title for the work as a whole.  The supplied title may be either a descriptive phrase alone, or a descriptive category followed by a descriptive phrase.  Individual archives should develop guidelines for determining how many separate works are too many to describe separately.  For placement of credits, see 1G1.

245 00 $a [World War I patriotic messages].

245 00 $a [Ads and tours of Seattle industry].

245 00 $a [Los Angeles County Museum. $n No. 1, $p Lumière films].

500 ## $a Includes 58 separate Lumière films; unable to verify completeness. For tentative identifications and more complete descriptions of technical problems, see papers in Los Angeles County Museum Collection file.

245 00 $a [Hawaiian Islands].

500 ## $a A compilation of twenty-six films, some of which were individually copyrighted by Thomas A. Edison in 1906, and later released by George Kleine in his series: Scenes and incidents in the Hawaiian Islands.

505 0# $a Panoramic view, Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands (43 ft.) -- Kanaka fisherman casting a "throw net," Hilo, Hawaiian Islands, (c) 13Nov1906, H85061 (62 ft.) -- S.S. 'Kinau' landing passengers, Laupahoihoi, Hawaiian Islands, (c) 13Nov1906, H85054 (35 ft.)....

For a work consisting of several separately titled works which lacks a collective title, see 1B3.2.

For archives choosing to make analytical title added entries from contents notes, see Appendix A3.4.

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