A separate bibliographic record is usually made for each distinct work, even when two or more works appear on one physical unit.  However, archives may choose to describe multiple works on a single bibliographic record when it is determined that there are too many works to describe separately, when all the works have the same series title and the works are identified only with numerics (that is, there are no episode/part titles), or when multiple works are described under a collective title.

245 00 $a Kids say the darndest things. $n No. 91-108, 112, 119.

500 ## $a All episodes contained on 1 videocassette. $5 D5 DLC (Use institution’s local code.)

245 00 $a Telechat. $n No. 1-78.

500 ## $a All episodes are contained on 1 videocassette. $5 DLC (Use institution’s local code.)

For multiple works with a collective title, see 1B2.  For multiple works without a collective title, see 1B3.

When multiple works are deliberately repackaged with the intention of creating a new work, catalog it as a version.  See Chapter 2, Introduction.

For collection-level cataloging, see Appendix C.

See also:

1A.  Preliminary rule

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