A sponsor is an organization or individual for which another company or organization makes a moving image work for furtherance of the sponsor’s public relations or similar purposes.  A corporate body or individual which provides major funding is not necessarily a sponsor of a work.  Use care to determine whether a provider of major funding is actually a sponsor or simply an organization providing financial support (e.g., grants) to the filmmakers.

If a statement of responsibility names both the production company and the sponsor, give the production company first.  Use the terminology on the work unless it is misleading.  It is often difficult to distinguish bodies whose contribution is significant from those whose participation is minor.  Minor contributors may be cited in a note.  See 7B8.  Sponsors recorded in the statement of responsibility area do not include sponsors of individual commercials that appear within a program.  These may also be cited in a note.  See 7B8.

245 00 $a Jotham Valley / $c Harmony Film Productions, Ltd. ; Moral Re-Armament presents ; transferred from stage to screen in its original form by Paul Czinner after his own method and under his direction.

245 00 $a Passing, being passed, and the oncoming driver / $c Jack Lieb Productions, Inc. ; presented by the National Safety Council.

If the nature of an organization’s contribution to a work cannot be determined, place the information in a note.

245 00 $a H.R. 6161, an act of Congress / $c Guggenheim Productions, Inc. ; producer-director, Charles Guggenheim ; narration writers, Charles Guggenheim, Robert L. Peabody, Clinton McCarty.

536 ## $a Program made possible by grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and Westinghouse Corporation; supported in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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