In addition to the information in Components of a MARC Record, the following applies specifically to the Classification Format.

The following groupings of variable data fields bring together fields that serve related functions:

Control Information, Numbers and Codes  (Fields 010-084)

Classification Numbers and Terms  (Fields 153 and 154)

Tracings and References  (Fields 253, 353, 453, and 553)

Notes  (Fields 680-685)

Index Terms  (Fields 700-754)

Number Building Fields  (Fields 761-768)

In the fields that contain classification numbers, references and tracings, the final two characters of the tag are the same.

153  Classification Number

253  Complex See Reference

353  Complex See Also Reference

453  Invalid Number Tracing

553  Valid Number Tracing

Within the 1XX, 4XX, and 5XX blocks, certain parallels of content designation are usually preserved in the subfield coding.

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