Field definition and scope:

Field 353 contains explanatory text and the classification number referred to that are required when see also relationships exist between classification numbers that cannot be adequately conveyed by one or more simple cross references generated from field 553 (Valid Number Tracing).

This field guides the user to related topics classed in other valid classification numbers.  A Complex See Also Reference is appropriate only in valid or partially valid classification number records (as indicated in 008/08 Classification validity, code a, b, or c).

A cross reference display may be constructed from the 153 and 353 fields of the record.  Field 153 (Classification Number) contains the classification number or span referred from and field 353 contains the classification number or span referred to.  When several reference notes are associated with a classification number, each note may be recorded in a separate field or they may be combined and recorded in a single field.

Field 353 is repeatable.

Guidelines for applying content designators:

For indicator and subfield code definitions and examples, and designator repeatability, see table below:




Field 353

Complex See Also Reference






Undefined; contains a blank



Undefined; contains a blank





Subfield code:




Classification number referred to - single number or beginning number of span



Classification number referred to - ending number of span



Explanatory text



Table sequence number for internal subarrangement or add table



Table identification






Field link and sequence number


Input conventions:

Order of subfields

Invalid classification numbers

Number spans

Display of classification numbers and captions

Display constants

Scheme-specific conventions:

Library of Congress Classification for X53 fields

Library of Congress Classification for field 353

Dewey Decimal Classification for X53 fields

Dewey Decimal Classification for field 353

Content designator history:

Subfield $y - Table sequence number for internal subarrangement or add table  [new, 2008]

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X53  Classification Numbers - General Information

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See also:

2XX-5XX  Tracings and References

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