a. Links generate notes:

The rules governing links are found in the note area of AACR2 chapter 12. On output, links may be used to generate notes such as Continues: [title], Continued by: [title], or Supplement to: [title]. The introductory words are generated by using the appropriate tag (fields 765-777) or second indicator value (fields 780 and 785). Example:

The notes produced by a link are limited to those that can be generated from the display constant defined for the field or indicator value. When an appropriate note cannot be generated from the link, field 580 is used in addition to the linking entry field(s) (see CCM 14.1.6.).

b. Links connect related records in a database:

Links have sometimes been called "super notes" because they do more than the ordinary 5XX note. Links allow a patron to retrieve related records in an online search. For example, a search of the title: Biology of Extracellular Matrix retrieves both the record with this title and the record for the earlier title International Review of Connective Tissue Research. Example:

c. Links do not provide added entries:

While they perform a similar function in the database as added entries do in a card catalog, linking entry fields do not provide added entries that could be generated for a card catalog. If an added entry is called for by the rules or desired for the catalog it must be input in another field (730, 700, 710, or 711) (see also Module 7).

See also:

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