18.5.2. - AACR2 24.13 and AACR2 24.18 "types" of corporate bodies that are entered subordinately- -a comparison

AACR2 24.13 (non-government bodies)

AACR2 24.18 (government bodies)

Type 1. Name by definition implies body is part of another (e.g., Division, Dept. Section, Branch)

Type 1. Same as 24.13.

Type 2. Name contains word implying administrative subordination (e.g., committee, commission, bureau, etc. - - see list in LCRI) provided that name of the parent body is not already in the heading.

Type 2. Same as 24.13.

Type 3. Name that is general in nature or a geographic, etc. division of the parent body.

Type 3. Same as 24.13. Exception: Names for bodies below the national level are entered subordinately, with exceptions (see LCRI 24.13)

Type 4. Name does not convey idea of a corporate body.

Type 4. Same as 24.13.

Type 5. Name of a university's subordinate unit that indicates only a field of study

Type 5. Agency that is directly subordinate to a jurisdiction (e.g., ministries, etc.)

Type 6. Name includes entire name of higher or related body (in catalog entry form per LCRI)

Type 6. Legislative bodies


Type 7. Courts


Type 8. Services of armed forces


Type 9. Heads of state or government


Type 10. Embassies, consulates


Type 11. Delegations