The newspaper’s place of publication is input in field 752 ( FN 15).  The 752 field can be used to generate machine-ordered lists of catalog records, arranged by place name, and some catalog systems index the field.  The current name is recorded ( FN 16), including the country name and subordinate units (e.g., state, territory, province, county, city).  Field 752 is established as a core element for newspaper records (see CEG B6.4.2 ) although only subfields $a (country) and $d (city) are considered mandatory; subfield $ b (state, province, or territory) is mandatory if applicable.

130 0# $a Financial times (London, England)

245 14 $a The financial times.

260 ## $a London [England] : $b MacRae, Curtice & Co., $c 1888-

651 #0 $a London (England) $v Newspapers.

752 ## $a Great Britain $b England $d London.

130 0# $a Call (Kansas City, Mo. : 1919)

245 14 $a The call.

260 ## $a Kansas City, Mo. : $b Franklin & Moseley

651 #0 $a Kansas City (Mo.)  $v Newspapers.

752 ## $a United States $b Missouri $d Kansas City.

When a newspaper changes its place of publication, it is generally noted in field 500 and also recorded with an additional 752 field (see also CCM 33.12.1).

245 00 $a Daily Nevada tribune.

260 ## $a Carson City, Nev. : $b  McClure & Parkinson

500 ## $a Published in Reno, Nev., Apr. 22-July 1896.

752 ## $a United States $b Nevada $c Washoe $d Reno.

752 ## $a United States $b Nevada $c Carson City $d Carson City.

In some cases there are clear distinctions between the place of publication and the area covered by the newspaper.  In such cases 752 fields should not be used for place names representing areas covered by the newspaper.  (The geographic name subject heading (field 651) is used for the area of coverage as described in CCM 33.17.2.)

130 0# $a Narodowiec (Cleveland, Ohio : Detroit ed.)

245 10 $a Narodowiec.

250 ## $a Detroit ed.

260 ## $a Cleveland, Ohio : $b S.A. Dangel

650 #0 $a Polish Americans $z Michigan $z Detroit $v Newspapers.

651 #0 $a Detroit (Mich.) $v Newspapers.

752 ## $a United States $b Ohio $c Cuyahoga $d Cleveland.

33.14.1.  State, province, or territory access (subfield $b)

For U.S. titles, record the current established form of the state name in subfield $b.  For parts of Great Britain, record the appropriate established name in subfield $b as in the example above for Financial Times (e.g., England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales).  Record the established name of the province or territory in subfield $b for Australia, Canada, Malaysia, and Yugoslavia.

245 04 $a The Sydney morning herald $h [microform].

260 ## $a Sydney, N.S.W. : $b John Fairfax & Sons

651 #0 $a Sydney (N.S.W.) $v Newspapers.

752 ## $a Australia $b New South Wales $d Sydney.

33.14.2.  County access (subfield $c)

If the name of the county changes during the life of the paper, because of a split, redistricting, etc., input the current name only.  Earlier county names can be identified in the LC/NACO Authority File.

If a city is divided between two counties, enter one 752 field with subfield $c representing the geographically or historically dominant county.  In the following example, Atlanta, Georgia is located primarily in Fulton County but also in DeKalb County:

245 00 $a Atlanta daily world.

260 ## $a Atlanta, Ga. : $b W. Scott

651 #0 $a Atlanta (Ga.) $v Newspapers.

752 ## $a United States $b Georgia $c Fulton $d Atlanta.

[752 not input for DeKalb County]

If a city is currently divided among three or more counties, omit subfield $c.

130 0# $a Call (Kansas City, Mo. : 1919)

245 14 $a The call.

260 ## $a Kansas City, Mo. : $b Franklin & Moseley

651 #0 $a Kansas City (Mo.) $v Newspapers.

752 ## $a United States $b Missouri $d Kansas City.

[Additional 752 fields for Jackson, Clay, and Platte counties not included]

If a place of publication is not located within a county or has no political ties to the county in which it lies, do not enter subfield $c.  For example, Baltimore, Maryland is located within Baltimore County but is not part of it:

130 0# $a Sun (Baltimore, Md. : 1967)

245 14 $a The sun.

260 ## $a Baltimore, Md. : $b A.S. Abell Co.

651 #0 $a Baltimore (Md.) $v Newspapers.

752 ## $a United States $b Maryland $d Baltimore.

33.14.3.  City (subfield $d)

Use the current name of the city, town, or village.  Use the city name if the newspaper is published in a section of the city.  City sections, or neighborhoods can be included in a place name subject heading (CCM 33.17.2).

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